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Toyetic Concepts LLC is an Interactive Entertainment IP Game Company with the goal to make intellectual properties that allow us to have an appeal into several enjoyable forms of entertainment. With over 20-years experience working with award-winning creative content that includes film and television development, premier toy brands, video games, comics, and trading card games. 


We create entertainment, inherent with a multi-platform playability in each of our properties that naturally extend to proprietary retail products for the new media generation. Toyetic Concepts currently has a diverse portfolio of IP’s in development including boy’s action adventure, toys, video games, and comics that can later translate into episodic animations.


Toyetic Concepts competitive advantage lies in our team’s collective experience gained by working for the industry giants like DreamWorks, Hasbro, Disney/Marvel, and many others, making us master craftsmen of multi-platform properties from idea inception to execution. 

Deon Nuckols

A man of many hats, With experience and Hands-on knowledge in consumer product, branding and business innovation, Deon has provided design direction for the complete range of product concepts and designs for companies such as Lions Gate, Disney, Marvel, DreamWorks and Fox. Deon got his start in Toy Design working for Kenner / Hasbro and later moved into the entertainment industry creating for, Comics, Toy’s, TV, Movies and now brings his excitement and artistic skill to video games. His favorite quote, “ Do, or do not, there is no try.”

Tyrone Keyes

Senior creative professional with over 20 years of visual, product, entertainment and communication experience. As a visualist Tyrone is focused on strategic creative delivery of product and media assets. The ability to coordinate and execute unique results under stringent time constraints and within the requirements of the business model are of paramount priority. Consistently striving for innovation and high performance through leadership and cohesive team building. Experienced in developing marketing brand and product strategies that are targeted to meet the needs and financial goals of the business. Ensuring that all the product development is consistent and focused on supporting the subsequent strategies. Toy Product Design Executive Experienced Animated Program Producer Consumer Products Designer Experienced in Orient Factory Operations Illustrator Graphic Design Director 

Emmanuel Nuckols

Software Engineer & Game Developer

Passionate about designing innovative experiences through coding .


he has gained experience using C++ and C# programming languages, as well

as knowledge in developing for the Unity and Unreal game engines.


In addition to game development, he's also interested in designing applications for mobile platforms,  Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix operating systems.

Janic Wiliiams Oliver

A skilled senior executive with over 20 years of experience identifying key issues and developing growth strategies to drive revenue for different B2B and B2C businesses. Through extensive analysis, have solid knowledge enhancing partner/customer experiences for greater market success. Known for building trusted and interactive working relationships with internal and external partners. Key strengths include “asking good questions” and determining “results oriented” direction from the answers. Janice has won the Edison Award for New Product Introductions and the Silver Trumpet Award for Public Relations.






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